John Eason

Position title: Associate Professor, Sociology


Ph.D. University of Chicago

Research Interests

  • Crime
  • Health/ Health Disparities
  • Race
  • Rural Sociology
  • Sociology of Punishment
  • Urban Sociology

Representative Publications

  • Eason, John M. 2017. Big House on the Prairie: Rise of the Rural Ghetto and Prison Proliferation, University of Chicago press. Chicago, IL.
  • Eason, John M. 2016. “Reclaiming the Prison Boom:  Considering Prison Proliferation in the Era of Mass Imprisonment”. Sociology Compass 10 (4): 261-271.
  • Burton, Linda M., Daniel T. Lichter, Regina S. Baker, and John M. Eason. 2013. “Inequality, Family Process, and Health in the ‘New’ Rural America.” American Behavioral Scientist 57(8): 1128-1151.
  • Eason, John M. 2012. “Extending the Hyperghetto: Toward a Theory of Race, Rural Disadvantage, and Punishment”, Journal of Poverty 16(3): 274-295.
  • Eason, John M.. 2010. “Mapping Prison Proliferation: Region, Rurality, Race, and Disadvantage in Prison Placement”, article in Social Science Research 39 (2010), 1015-1028.