Mackenzie Killberg

Credentials: Legal Studies, Psychology, Gender and Women's Studies

Position title: Senior


Hi! My name is Mackenzie Killberg and I am a senior triple majoring in Legal Studies, Psychology, and Gender & Women’s Studies. In the summer of 2022 I interned for Governor Evers within the constituent services office, coding emails and phone calls from constituents and opening cases for them which would then be shared with different governmental departments, such as DSPS and DHS, depending on the issue. I also had the opportunity to create a final project evaluating the pardons process in Wisconsin and common concerns that constituents have with the department of corrections, which I found to be extremely enlightening as we examined first-person stories during the research process. This semester (Fall 2022), I am taking a community-based service course, Legal St 473, Health Impacts of Unmet Social Needs, which will involve collaboration with UW Health and the Center for Patient Partnerships to connect patients to healthcare needs and community resources. I am very passionate about improving mental health treatment in DOC facilities, providing care to those who are victims of domestic violence, and involving myself in grassroots organizations that serve marginalized groups in our communities who have been let down by the justice system. After I graduate, I plan to obtain a mediator certification and will hopefully work for a bit as a court-appointed mediator in Chicago to get a feel of the court system before I decide if I would like to go to law school! I’m available to meet on zoom or in person or chat on text or email (, whichever you prefer!