Jeremy Werner

Credentials: Sociology, Legal Studies, Criminal Justice

Position title: Senior

Hi! My name is Jeremy Werner and I am a senior studying Sociology, Legal Studies, and Criminal Justice. I am pre-law and am going to be taking a gap year after I graduate in the spring. I transferred after my freshman year from UW-Lacrosse to here – I always knew I wanted to be a Badger. I am currently a part of a research project called “Doing Justice” that is studying courtroom interaction and criminal complaints, so if any of you are interested in research in the legal field, I’d be more than happy to help you out! Other than that, I can help with course selection, internship prep, and what clubs/organizations one should pursue based off of their interests. I love to talk about and listen to music, discuss pertinent social issues, and spend time outdoors either golfing (summer) or snowboarding (winter).