University of Wisconsin–Madison

Alumni Notes

  • The year of 2018

    Shannon Caldwell ’18 graduated with a major in anthropology and a certificate in criminal justice. She has presented a poster at the 87th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropology. Shannon will be obtaining her Masters in Human Anatomy and Advanced Forensic Anthropology at the University of Dundee in Dundee, Scotland this upcoming year. She plans on working in the field of forensic anthropology and victim identification.

    Cecelia DeMarco ’18 graduated with a B.A. in Psychology, certificates in Criminal Justice and Studio Art, and will be attending UW’s Law School in the fall.

    Paige Fisher ’18 graduated with a degree in Human Development & Family Studies and Criminal Justice in May and is taking a gap year right now before applying to grad school for school psychology. She working as a behavior therapist at a day treatment center for kids on the autism spectrum.

    Noah Hoeper ’18 graduated with two Bachelor’s degrees in Social Welfare and Gender & Women’s Studies as well as a certificate in Criminal Justice. She is currently working as the Assistant Outreach Coordinator at WisCARES, and will be returning to UW-Madison in the fall to get a Master’s degree in Social Work.

    Zoe Milavetz ’18 is working as a Mental Health Practitioner in Minneapolis, MN. She goes into the homes of adults with mental illnesses and teaches therapeutic techniques. She is starting a doctorate of clinical psychology in Minnesota in September and hopes to work with people affected by the criminal justice system.

    Anastasia Noll ’18 graduated in May 2018 with a double major in political science and legal studies. She was an intern at the state capital and a research assistant for the director of the sociological graduate studies program. She is now full time medical paralegal at the law firm Weitz and Luxenberg and will attend Cardozo Law school in the Fall focusing on corporate law litigation.

    Jennifer Recktenwald ’18 graduated with a double major in Legal Studies and English with a Certificate in Criminal Justice. She is currently interning at the Public Defenders Service in Washington D.C. as a criminal investigator before starting law school at Wisconsin in the fall. She plans on becoming a criminal defense attorney for juveniles or working as an attorney for the Innocence Project in the future.

    Hannah Schwartz ’18 is working at Ferris Consulting, a consulting firm which does business development and strategic marketing for law firms. In September 2018, she will be starting law school at UW-Madison.

  • The year of 2017

    McKenzie Meyer ’17 graduated in December of 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Psychology and a certificate in Criminal Justice. She returned to UW-Madison in June to pursue a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy, and hopes to work with children in a hospital setting.

  • The year of 2016

    Diane Hsieh ’16 majored in Psychology and Human Development & Family Studies, with a certificate in Criminal Justice. In the fall, she will be an Education Ph.D student at the University of California-Irvine studying the sociocultural aspects of student achievement and motivation.

  • The year of 2015

    Daniel Adler ’15 graduated with a major in Legal Studies and a certificate in Criminal Justice. He has accepted a position with Americorps as a VISTA member as a Homeless Student Coordinator with CESA 1 in Pewaukee. Daniel will be setting up a tutoring program for students who are struggling with homelessness. He will be working with one of the public school districts in south eastern Wisconsin.

    Danny Cubberly ’15 worked at Tellurian, Inc.’s Transitional Housing Program in Monona for a year after graduation. He is now officially enrolled in the class of 2020 at the University of Illinois – College of Medicine at Chicago and was accepted into the Urban Medicine Program within the college, which is a coinciding four-year program focused on providing care to diverse, underserved urban areas.

    Donya Khadem ’15 graduated in May 2015 and is the Liaison Coordinator for the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

    Lukasz Kowalik ’15 graduated from UW-Madison with a double major in Legal Studies and Spanish, as well as with a Criminal Justice Certificate. After interning at the UW Law School’s Wisconsin Innocence Project clinic for over a year and a half, Lukasz decided that he no longer aspired to be an attorney and changed his career path after graduation. Since completing his undergraduate degree, he has been working in the corporate office at Life Style Staffing as a Payroll Specialist and is planning to begin his MBA in 2018, with an emphasis in Human Resources.

  • The year of 2013

    Samantha Beaumont ’13 graduated in May with a certificate in Criminal Justice. She is working as a Dispatch Communicator for Dane County 911 Communications and is learning a great deal about the county and Public Safety.

    Catherine Cwirla ’13 received her Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies and Theatre & Drama, also completing a Certificate in Criminal Justice. Starting in the fall of 2013, she will be in Milwaukee working for Teach for America, a two-year program that strives to eliminate educational inequality and close the achievement gap.

    Lauren Fletcher ’13 graduated in May 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and a Certificate in Business. She is entering her second year at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law. During the summer between her first and second year she interned at the Department of the Interior, Office of the Solicitor, Twin Cities Field Office and worked as a research assistant for a Maurer business law professor.

    Allison Gilmore ’13 graduated in May 2013 with Legal Studies and Sociology majors and certificates in Criminal Justice and Gender & Women’s Studies. She will begin the Masters of Social Work Program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in the fall of 2013. She is interested in pursuing a profession within Public Child Welfare.

    Kelsey Goetz ’13 graduated in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies and Sociology. After graduation, she accepted an AmeriCorps VISTA position working within a large non-profit in their ReEntry Department. Her duties include assisting formally incarcerated individuals with finding employment, as well as developing a financial literacy class for the individuals the ReEntry Department serves. After her year of service, she will be working towards her Master in Public Policy at the University of Maryland, College Park. She will have a specialization in Social Policy with a focus on crime and drug policy.

    Julia Lewitt ’13 graduated with a B.A. in Legal Studies and is attending Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.

    Kristin McGaver ’13 graduated with a Bachelor’s in Legal Studies, Political Science & Sociology. I am currently working as a law clerk at Krawczyk, Duginski & Rohr, S.C. in Brookfield, Wisconsin. In September, I will begin law school at the University of Minnesota on a full tuition scholarship. I am interested in studying abroad in Dublin during my time at Minnesota, and I plan to pursue a career in civil litigation.

    Brittany Miller ’13 graduated in May 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and Psychology. She also obtained certificates in Criminal Justice and Gender & Women’s Studies. She will be joining the efforts of Teach For America next year in Las Vegas, NV teaching Pre-K, while also obtaining her Masters of Education from UNLV. After her two-year commitment she is considering going to law school or graduate school for psychology.

    April Pitzen ’13 majored in Legal Studies and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate. She was an investigative intern with the Office of the State Public Defender- Madison Trial Division and is now working as a full-time defense investigator in that same office. She is primarily responsible for developing and conducting investigations of cases. This typically involves locating and interviewing witnesses, obtaining records and other documents, as well as coordinating all of her findings with the trial attorney.

    Sarah Silverhardt ’13 graduated in May 2013 with a BA degree, majoring in Psychology and completing the Criminal Justice Certificate. She has been an extern working in the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office in the Superior Court Trials Division dealing with all felony cases ranging from sex crimes to gang violence to homicide. She has accepted an offer at St. John’s School of Law in New York with a half ride scholarship and will be attending beginning this fall. She plans to pursue a career in prosecution.

    Mollie Tuomisto ’13 graduated in May 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and a Certificate in Business. She is currently working for Kirkland & Ellis LLP in Chicago as a Mergers/Acquisitions Clearance Assistant. In this position she is mainly responsible for preparing Hart-Scott Rodino filings which provide the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice with information about large mergers and acquisitions before they occur. The HSR filings give the FTC and DOJ information about each company’s business that allow the agencies to determine if there are any antitrust issues with the proposed merger or acquisition.

    Michelle Wiederman ’13 graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Legal Studies and Sociology with a certificate in Criminal Justice. This fall she will be attending St. John’s University School of Law in New York on a full scholarship, and plans to pursue a career in Criminal Defense.

  • The year of 2012

    Julia Boms ’12 graduated in December 2012 with a Bachelor’s in Legal Studies, Sociology, Communication Arts, and a Certificate in Criminal Justice. She is currently working part-time for the Assembly Sergeant At Arms in the Capitol and bartending on weekends. In the fall, she will hopefully be attending John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, and obtaining her Master’s and License in Forensic Mental Health Counseling. After that, she plans to pursue a career in mental health counseling in prisons for sex offenders, before eventually applying for the FBI.

    Caitlin Cardinell ’12 graduated in December 2012 with a Bachelor’s in Legal Studies, Psychology, and a Certificate in Criminal Justice. In March she will move to Wrangell Alaska, getting a wilderness therapy guide position with Alaskan youth ages 12-18 with behavioral and substance abuse problems. Caitlin will be leading 41 day expeditions with these youth throughout Southeast Alaska.

    Lamont Crockett ’12 graduated in December with a Bachelor’s degrees in Legal Studies, Sociology and Certificates in Criminal Justice and African Studies. He volunteers as a Big Brother with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County. He is currently attempting to advance from his current job at a Madison area security company to a police officer position with local area law enforcement. He plans to eventually secure a law degree from the UW Law School.

    Greg Docter ’12 majored in Legal Studies and earned certificates in Criminal Justice and Business. Upon graduation he worked in the Dane County Juvenile Detention facility for approximately 5 months, supervising and mentoring minors being held there. He recently moved to New York City to work as a Trial Preparation Assistant in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. In this position he assists 6-8 assistant district attorneys in a wide variety of tasks in pursuit of securing indictments and, ultimately, convictions. He anticipates attending law school in the future. Please feel free to look him up on LinkedIn if you have any questions.

    Garrison Draves ’12 graduated in December with a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and a Certificate in Criminal Justice. He is currently working as a Juvenile Court Counselor in Madison, WI. He will take this time to learn and gain more experience in the Criminal Justice field. He plans on attending Law School in the Fall of 2014.

    Sarah Erdmann ’12 graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies with a certificate in Criminal Justice. She is currently attending Marquette University Law School.

    Luke Johnson ’12 is currently serving as a tutor and mentor in Milwaukee Public Schools with the AmeriCorps program City Year. He majored in Legal Studies and Political Science.

    Vanessa Johnson ’12 is attending the University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor on scholarship as a part of the class of 2015. She majored in legal studies, political science, and Spanish.

    Matt Mason ’12 is currently working as an intern for the third consecutive summer at a law firm in Minneapolis. In the fall, he will enroll as a law student at The University of Minnesota. He majored in legal studies and political science, with a certificate in European Studies.

    Hannah Prokopowicz ’12 graduated in May 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and a certificate in Criminal Justice. She is currently serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA in the Twin Cities. She assists ex-offenders leaving the prison system transition back into the community by creating employment opportunities for them through partnerships with local employers. Hannah is enrolled in law school beginning in Fall 2013.

    Michael Sewall ’12, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies and Political Science. He is currently employed as a Crime Analyst for both the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department and Office of the District Attorney. In this position, some of his duties include working on criminal investigations within the Detectives Bureau, analyzing criminal intelligence, and completing program evaluations on deferment programs. Michael plans to eventually work towards a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology or Homeland Security.

    Caryn Thor ’12 graduated in December with a major in Spanish and a certificate in Criminal Justice. She is now working as a Program Assistant for the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth in Washington DC. The organization’s mission is to end juvenile life without parole and to work with states to establish new policies post- Miller v. Alabama. Caryn also plans to take the LSAT in June and apply to law school within the next couple of years.

    Sarah Zwach ’12 majored in legal studies and sociology with a certificate in criminal justice. She is currently working at the UW Survey Center and studying for the LSAT. She plans on attending the UW Law School in fall 2013.

  • The year of 2011

    Robert Piehl ’11 is working as a deputy with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office. Robert completed the criminal justice certificate.

  • The year of 2010

    Sarah Grob ’10 majored in Psychology with a certificate in Criminal Justice. She began her graduate program in Social Work at UW this fall.

    Claire Johnson ’10 earned her Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in August 2012. She has since been working for a community mental health organization in Chicago, where she provides mental health assessment and therapy services to Chicago’s underserved population. She also provides family therapy services for Cook County Juvenile Court’s Juvenile Sex Offender (JSO) unit. At UW-Madison, Claire majored in Psychology and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate. She remains involved in the program as a mentor to current students.

    Jayme Kruse ’10 finished her first year at Loyola Law School in Chicago and is now a law clerk at Rubens and Kress, a personal injury/workers’ compensation firm in Downtown Chicago. Jayme plans to graduate law school in May of 2013. She majored in Legal Studies and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate. She remains involved in the center as a mentor to current students.

    Tyler Loether ’10 accepted a police officer position with the Janesville Police Department in January of 2011. Since then, he has completed the Law Enforcement Academy at Blackhawk Technical College and is currently going through field training. Tyler majored in Political Science and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate.

    Kathleen Shanahan ’10 completed the Criminal Justice Certificate Program in 2010. She enrolled in the Post Baccalaureate Paralegal Certificate Program at MATC after graduating from UW. Kathleen completed the program in a year and was offered a position as a Paralegal at Blommer Peterman, S.C. in Brookfield, WI. She has been with the firm for over a year now. It has been a great experience. It is a Creditor’s rights firm specializing in Foreclosure law and she works in the Bankruptcy department.

    Emily Underwood ’10 is currently a law student at the University of Chicago Law School. She majored in Business: Finance, Investment, and Banking and in Legal Studies. She remains connected to the program as a mentor to current students.

    Johanne Verpil ’10 began working for Dane County Juvenile Court Programs, Shelter Home, immediately following graduation. She returned to Chicago to focus on the LSAT and applying to law school while working as a Child Care worker for Hepzibah Group Home in Oak Park IL. She began Loyola Law School this fall and hopes to study Juvenile or Family law.

    Shannon Wojciechowski ’10 graduated in December 2010 after double majoring in Psychology and Spanish and completing the Criminal Justice Certificate. She works as a Probation and Parole Agent, supervising sex offenders in Janesville. Shannon also serves as a mentor to our students.

  • The year of 2009

    Nick Conti ’09 is a full-time MBA student at DePaul University. Nick will be participating in a service trip to New Orleans the week after Thanksgiving (November 25th – December 2nd); his role includes working with Propeller, a nonprofit social company, to improve its accounting system and prepare its books for the next tax season.

    Jake Jung ’09 just finished his two-year commitment with Teach for America as an elementary school teacher in a school in downtown Houston, Texas. He moved to Brooklyn, New York, where he is teaching at a charter school in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. Jake majored in History, and he earned certificates in Criminal Justice and European Studies.

    Amanda Karls [Graff] ’09 will be finishing her Master’s degree in Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation with an emphasis in Higher Education from the University of Kentucky in December of 2011. She is currently working with the First Scholars Program for first-generation college students at the University of Kentucky. During the academic year, she teaches a class through the College of Education focusing on college success for students who are academically at-risk.

    Maya Mason ’09 has been a Juvenile Probation Officer in Ramsey County for over a year and a half. Maya mentors three girls in the community: a twelve year old, a six year old, and a former client. Maya’s goal is to join the police reserves.

    Naomi Presley ’09 received her Master’s in Social Work from the UW where she focused on policy in the Madison public schools. Naomi is currently working for AmeriCorps in the Madison public schools and plans to do a second year. She is a volunteer coordinator working with school staff, community members and great kids. She completed the Criminal Justice Certificate and remains connected to the program as a mentor to current students.

    Valyncia Raphael ’09 is beginning her second year of law school at UW and starting her coursework toward a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis within the School of Education. She anticipates finishing in 2015. Valyncia is currently engaged in the Remington Center’s Family Law Project. She majored in Political Science and English and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate. She is still involved in the program as a mentor to current students.

    Lori Roberts ’09 went on to receive her Masters in Social Work (’10) following her majors in Sociology and Social Welfare and a certificate in Criminal Justice. Lori completed her graduate field work at the Madison VA and now works in the same program at the Tomah VA.

    Christina Shepsky ’09 enjoyed interning at the Madison Public Defender’s Office as a volunteer following graduation. She moved back to Milwaukee and is now working at Bass & Moglowsky, a foreclosure law firm. She majored in Biological Aspects of Conservation and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate.

  • The year of 2008

    Rebecca Edds ’08 completed two years of teaching in Chicago with Teach for America. This fall she is attending Loyola University School of Social Work. She majored in Psychology and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate. She remains connected to the program as a mentor to current students.

    Kendra Gurnee ’08 majored in Legal Studies and Sociology and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate. She completed her Masters in Social Work (’10). Immediately following graduation, she began working for the UW-Madison L&S Undergraduate Academic Services as an Academic Advisor. She had worked as a peer advisor for L&S for several years prior.

    Sam Milgrom ’08 moved to Washington, D.C. after graduation. He interned at the ACLU Washington Legislative Office and did contract work as a rental tester for the Equal Rights Center. He is now working as a paralegal in the National Criminal Enforcement Section of the Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice, for over a year and a half. Sam plans to enter law school in the fall of 2012. He majored in Legal Studies and Human Development and Family Studies and remains involved in the program as a mentor to current students.

    Erin Perkins ’08 supervised offenders at a halfway house and worked as an intake supervisor at a homeless shelter in Madison immediately following graduation from UW-Madison. For the last year, she has been working for Safe & Sound, a non-profit organization focused on crime reduction and improving the quality of life for residents in some of Milwaukee’s toughest neighborhoods. Erin’s work in the Community Prosecution Unit involved collaborating with various city departments as well as community and faith-based organizations to address residential crime and nuisance concerns. In August, she started a new position with the City of Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention, coordinating the activities of the Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. She majored in Legal Studies and Sociology and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate. She remains involved with the center as a mentor to current students.

    Emily (Zachman) Schroeder ’08 returned to school to study chemical dependency counseling. She is currently completing her second internship with the plan to become a licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in the state of Minnesota. Emily majored in Psychology with a certificate in Criminal Justice.

    Jake Van Kerkvoorde ’08 entered law school at Loyola University Chicago School of Law after graduating from UW with a BA in Legal Studies and Sociology. He was a Civitas Child Law Fellow at Loyola and graduated with his JD in 2011. After graduation he moved back to Wisconsin and took a position as an Assistant State Public Defender. He practices criminal, juvenile, and mental health law in the Sheboygan trial office.

    Yolanda Winberg ’08 moved to Seattle, WA after graduation to pursue her PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University.  She hopes to finish her dissertation within the year.  Yolanda majored in Psychology and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate.

  • The year of 2007

    Katie Brown ’07 currently resides in San Francisco, California and has lived there since 2008. She is attending law school at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. Her 1L summer, Katie worked for the Contra Costa County Public Defenders office in Martinez, CA. Last summer she worked at Quinn Emanuel in the Silicon Valley. Currently, Katie is an intern for Judge William Alsup in the Northern District of California. After graduation Katie will work for Quinn Emanuel. Katie’s goal is to gain experience working at Quinn and then find a judicial clerkship and make the transition to criminal law practice. Katie completed the Criminal Justice Certificate and remains connected to the program as a mentor to current students.

    Geoff Lorenz ’07 took a job after graduation at a small size law firm in Madison that primarily handles family-law matters. Eventually, he became a paralegal at the firm and worked there for two years. Geoff then accepted a position at the Chicago law firm of Kirkland & Ellis LLP managing large scale patent and copyright cases in intellectual property litigation for Fortune 500 companies. Geoff is attending law school in fall.

    Kate Mirocha ’07 is currently working as an Assistant Research Analyst at a data collection and analysis center in downtown Chicago and pursuing her Masters in Leadership and Policy Studies at DePaul University. Kate majored in Political Science and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate.

    Jennifer Ramsdail ’07 is currently working for the Rock County Juvenile Diversion and Youth Development Programs in Beloit, WI.  Her position of Juvenile Diversion Specialist involves offering positive alternatives to incarceration that empower youth and their families.  Jennifer created curriculum for high-risk, aggressive teen girls which she implemented this summer.  She is working towards her Masters in Social Work at George Williams College of Aurora University (Williams Bay, WI) and will graduate in 2013.

    Vincent Scipior ’07 received his JD from UW-Madison last May and is now practicing as a trial attorney in downtown Madison at the law firm of Coyne, Schultz, Becker & Bauer. He majored in Legal Studies and remains connected to the program as a mentor to current students.

    Brett Watson ’07 worked for three years as Field Representative to U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin after graduating with a triple major in Legal Studies, Political Science, and Afro-American Studies. He currently lives in Boston and attends Northeastern University School of Law, Class of 2013.  He completed an internship with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office this summer and will be interning for the Honorable Norman H. Stahl at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in the winter.

    Collin Woodward ’07 is a third year law student at the McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California.  Following graduation in May 2012, he plans to return to the Chicago area and practice municipal defense civil litigation for a private firm in the Chicago suburbs.  The firm specializes in defending townships, villages, and cities within the State of Illinois from tort, property, civil rights, and other constitutional law claims.  An additional focus of Collin’s practice will include defending individual municipal Police Officers from personal liability that arises in the execution of their duties (for example, unreasonable use of force cases).

  • The year of 2006

    Luke Behnke ’06 is a law student at Michigan State University. Prior to beginning law school in 2009, he worked as a project assistant (paralegal) for three years for a large law firm in Madison. Last summer and this summer he is working for a medium sized firm in Chicago. He majored in Legal Studies and Political Science and remains involved in the program as a mentor to current students.

    Kathryn Kelly Bulla ’06 moved to Los Angeles to begin graduate school for Social Work at the University of Southern California one year after graduating from UW-Madison. There, she concentrated on correctional social work and working with the re-entry population. She graduated with her MSW in 2009, and today is working with Volunteers of America Los Angeles as a Program Director for a transitional housing program for formerly incarcerated military veterans. Kathryn majored in Legal Studies.

    Paul Hager ’06 began several start up companies in the Madison area since graduating. After getting a multitude of patents in the areas of location based crime awareness and voice recognition Paul bought into a legal focused IT consulting firm. Paul is now the President & CEO and sole owner of the Inc 5000 listed company Information Technology Professionals. ITP, has grown to 30 employees in Madison, Milwaukee and Appleton WI and is one of the 4 fastest growing companies in SE Wisconsin. Paul completed the sale of one of his start up companies in 2014 to the largest software company in the world and is actively marketing the other. Paul lives in the greater Madison area with his wife and 4 children.

    Kari Midthun ’06 entered into a MS/PhD program in Chemistry & Chemical Biology at Cornell University following graduation from UW, and she received a MS in the field in 2009. She plans to complete her PhD by the summer of 2012.  Kari majored in Chemistry and Biochemistry and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate.

  • The year of 2005

    Nathan Johnson ’05 currently works in Washington, DC for US Bank in Relationship Management with their Federal Government clients. Nathan worked as a project manager with US Bank in Minneapolis prior to moving to Washington, DC. He majored in Legal Studies and Political Science and completed a certificate in Criminal Justice.

  • The year of 2004

    Andrea LeStarge ’04 currently serves as the Lead Analyst within the Wisconsin Statewide Information Center (WSIC) for the Wisconsin Department of Justice – Division of Criminal Investigation. She collects, analyzes, and disseminates intelligence related to Wisconsin’s homeland security while also supporting and conducting in-depth research to execute successful operations within the WSIC. Andrea is an active member of the Wisconsin Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (WIDEC) Steering Committee and several working groups for the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children. Formerly, she was hired by the United States Attorney’s Office-Western District of Wisconsin as the Federal Program Coordinator for WIDEC and Methamphetamine Initiative in September, 2007. Andrea obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education/English and Certificate in Criminal Justice. She remains connected to the program as a mentor for current students. In 2009, Andrea obtained her Master of Science in Criminal Justice with emphasis on Victimology.

    Michelle Witt ’04 is a senior intelligence analyst with the Virginia State Police, Virginia Fusion Center (VFC) and has worked there since November 2009. Witt is responsible for providing case support via in-depth analysis of information pertaining to unsolved violent crimes investigations. In addition, she researches, evaluates, and disseminates criminal information to support the prevention and response efforts for terrorism and other criminal activity. Prior to her position with the Virginia State Police, Witt worked as a paralegal for the Adair County Prosecutor in MO where she handled evidence, deferred prosecution files and assisted with trial prep. Witt began her career in law enforcement with the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation as an intern for the Arson Bureau and Narcotics Bureau. Witt was later hired as an analyst and she played a key role in the set up and operation of the Wisconsin Statewide Information Center. Witt majored in Legal Studies and Sociology while also completing a Criminal Justice Certificate. She currently resides in Chesterfield County, where she is a member of her HOA Social Committee. Witt is happily married to her best friend and together they have one daughter.

  • The year of 2003

    Rebecca Coffin [Sonntag] ’03 worked in a criminal defense firm as a Legal Assistant in Madison WI after graduating.  She is now a health law attorney practicing in regulatory compliance and HIPAA issues in St. Paul, MN.

    Jamie Delieuze [Mroczkowski] ’03 graduated with a degree in Japanese, a degree in East Asian Studies, and a certificate in Criminal Justice. Thanks to her experiences at Madison, including her internship with the Dane County Narcotics and Gang Task Force, she is now a Los Angeles police officer.

    Samuel Polland ’03 is a special investigator for the New York City Department of Investigation. Samuel’s duties include conducting sensitive criminal and administrative investigations pertaining to white-collar crimes committed against the City of New York, including employee misconduct, and allegations of general fraud/waste/abuse. Samuel majored in Legal Studies and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate.

  • The year of 2002

    Dave Bierly ’02 earned a Master’s in Counseling after graduating from UW and is currently a high school counselor in the Twin Cities. Dave majored in Behavioral Science and Law and remains connected to the program as a mentor to current students.

    Betsey Lund ’02 completed a BA in Legal Studies and Social Welfare and earned a Certificate in Criminal Justice. After completing her undergraduate degree, she worked for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and several non-profit organizations. In 2005 Betsey decided to go to law school and is currently an Attorney for Neils, Franz, Chirhart in St. Cloud, MN.

    Katie Manno (Jacobs) ’02, who graduated with a BA in Legal Studies and Spanish, has accepted a Staff Attorney position with Fiserv in Brookfield, WI. Katie has been a Corporate Attorney and Director of Human Resources for Road Ranger, LLC a Rockford, IL based corporation since 2008. Katie is a 2007 Graduate from NIU-Law in DeKalb, IL where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. Prior to attending law school Katie was a lay legal advocate for a Salvation Army domestic violence shelter, as well as an Adult Literacy Program Coordinator for an ESL program, while an AmeriCorps VISTA in Phoenix, AZ. Katie and her husband of six years Michael, have identical twins boys.

    Clint Muche ’02 double-majored in political science and legal studies. Clint relocated to Boston, where he earned his JD in 2007. Clint proudly served as an assistant district attorney in Essex County, Massachusetts from 2008-2011. He resigned in January 2011 and founded the Law Office of Clint B. Muche, a general law practice focused on criminal defense.

    Michael Nolan ’02 moved to Milwaukee after graduation for a chance to change the world, one life at a time, as a probation officer.  He also began his master’s degree at UW-Milwaukee and got married.   He again was chasing a job, with a chance to change the world, as a Chicago Police Officer.  He enrolled at DePaul University and graduated with a Masters in Sociology (2008).  Shortly after receiving his master’s degree Michael was very fortunate to take a job, with a third chance to change the world, again one life at a time, as a probation officer working for the United States District Court in Madison.   He has found a job where he can best make a difference. Michael majored in Behavioral Science and Law and Sociology and completed a Criminal Justice Certificate. He is still involved in the center as a mentor to current students.

    Craig Pisarik ’02 graduated with a Biology major and a Criminal Justice Certificate. He graduated from the University of South Carolina Law School (2007) and is currently a prosecutor with the 5th Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office in Columbia, South Carolina.

    Scott Tillema ’02 is a police detective and on-call hostage negotiator for a regional swat team in the Chicago area. He also teaches psychology and criminal justice at Argosy University in Schaumburg. Scott majored in Legal Studies, Sociology, and Political Science and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate. He remains connected to the center as a mentor to current students.

  • The year of 2001

    Shawn Kelly ’01 majored in Behavioral Science and Law and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate.  Shawn is currently a Police Officer with the City of Madison Police Department and remains involved with the center as a mentor to current students.

    Andy Miller ’01 majored in Sociology and Behavioral Science and Law. He then attended University of Denver College of Law, moved to Minneapolis and practiced for about three years before switching to an alternative legal career as a project manager for Rust Consulting, the largest class action lawsuit administrator in the country for the group he works in, labor and employment.

    Kristin Radtke ’01 graduated with a degree in Behavioral Science and Law, and a criminal justice certificate. Since graduation she has been with the UWPD as a police officer. After 3 long years of working part-time on her Master’s in Criminal Justice she graduated in December 2012 from UW- Platteville with her Master’s.

  • The year of 2000

    David Melby ’00 majored in Behavioral Science & Law and completed the criminal justice certificate. He completed a master’s in criminal justice administration from UW-Milwaukee in 2005. David has worked as a probation and parole agent, and, more recently, as a corrections field supervisor for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. David also served in the U.S. Army from 1990 to 1993 and for the Wisconsin Air National Guard from 1993 to the present.

  • The year of 1999

    Heidi Gardner ’99 majored in sociology and completed the criminal justice certificate. Since January 2000 she has been employed by the Dane County Sheriff’s Office. She is currently a Community Deputy in the Field Services Division but has also worked in the jail and as a School Resource Officer.

    Troy Hutchinson ’99 majored in sociology and Behavioral Science & Law and completed the criminal justice certificate. He interned at the Legal Defense Program, which is a clinical program at the UW Law School providing legal defense to indigent defendants. After graduating, Troy attended the University of Minnesota Law School.  Upon obtaining his J.D. in 2002, he spent two years clerking for a federal judge in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota.  Troy is now a partner at the Minneapolis firm of Briggs and Morgan where his practice focuses on commercial litigation.  He also provides general counsel to companies involved in food and beverage production and marketing.  He resides in Medina, Minnesota with his wife and baby boy.

    Michael Klemp-North ’99 worked for Marathon County after graduating.  He became a Probation and Parole Agent for the Wisconsin Department of Community Corrections while completing his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from UW-Platteville.   Michael accepted a full-time position at Ferris State University in 2004, teaching in their undergraduate and graduate criminal justice program for four years.  Concurrently Michael commenced his Sociology doctoral program at Western Michigan University, with areas of concentration in criminology and race and ethnic relations.  He successfully defended his dissertation, receiving his PhD in June, 2009.  Michael currently teaches in the Social Sciences Department at Northcentral Technical College and is a part-time faculty member for UW-Platteville’s Criminal Justice Department.

    Angela Walker Woolridge ’99 majored in Behavioral Science & Law and obtained a business certificate. After graduating, she attended the University of Arizona School of Law and obtained her J.D. in 2002. Angela spent one year clerking for an Arizona Superior Court Judge, then became a prosecutor at the Pima County Attorney’s Office where she was primarily assigned to the Special Victims Unit. In 2006 she began working for the United States Attorney’s Office, where she spent six years focusing on the prosecution of violent crime and weapons offenses. She recently transferred to the civil division of the office and now defends the United States in civil litigation. Angela received the United States Attorney General’s Award in 2011 for outstanding contributions by a federal prosecutor. She serves on the boards of the Arizona Women Lawyers Association and the Federal Bar Association – Tucson Chapter, and is the chairperson for the Arizona Lawyer Representatives to the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference. She also serves as a part-time judge pro tempore for the Pima County Superior and Juvenile Courts, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Arizona School of Law. Angela resides in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband.

  • The year of 1998

    Winn S. Collins ’98 currently serves as president of the Wisconsin District Attorneys Association (WDAA) and District Attorney for Green Lake County.  He will soon transfer to a position as Assistant Attorney General (AAG) with the Wisconsin Department Justice (DOJ).  Winn majored in Sociology and earned a Criminal Justice Certificate.  He completed his JD at the UW Law School (’03).

    Aaron Ellis ’98 was hired by the Janesville Police Department in 1999. In December of 2009 he was promoted to Patrol Sergeant. He majored in Behavioral Science and Law and Sociology and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate.

    Major Alan Schuller ’98 majored in Behavioral Science & Law. He has been assigned as the Deputy Staff Judge Advocate for the 3d Marine Aircraft Wing in Miramar, California, for two years now. He spent most of 2010 deployed to Afghanistan. One of the most important aspects of Alan’s job is to train aircrew in understanding and applying operational law during combat missions. To accomplish this, the lawyers assigned to the Marine Air Wing train and fly with the aircrew on a regular basis during predeployment exercises and in combat. Some of this predeployment training was recently covered by the Public Affairs Office at Miramar.

  • The year of 1995

    Ken Abell ‘95 majored in Behavioral Science & Law. In 2001, he graduated from Northwestern University School of Law. After working for a commercial litigation firm in Chicago for a few years, Ken served as a law clerk for a judge in the Southern District of New York and is now an Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. In this position, he handles a wide range of cases – from mortgage fraud to civil rights to constitutional tort claims. Ken is also a Board Member of the Chicago Area Project, a group dedicated to juvenile delinquency prevention.

    Rhonda Frank-Loron ’95 graduated from UW-Madison with a BA in 1995 with a major in Behavioral Science and Law and was awarded a criminal justice certificate. She worked for approximately two years as a paralegal for the Federal Defenders in the Southern District of New York after graduating. In 2000, Rhonda graduated from UW Law School. Between law school graduation and her current job, she worked as an attorney for a few years and at the Office of Lawyer Regulation. She has been a federal probation officer in the Western District of Wisconsin since 2008.

    Sara Hohenstein ’95 is a Probation and Parole Agent for the Wisconsin Department of Community Corrections in the Stevens Point area, specializing in working with mentally ill clients. She majored in Behavioral Science and Law and received the Criminal Justice Certificate. Sara remains connected to the center as a mentor to current students.

    Jeremy Pfeifer ’95 majored in Sociology and earned a certificate in Criminal Justice. The following year, Jeremy married his college girlfriend, Danielle Crown (’96). They have two kids. Jeremy attended law school at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology. Jeremy worked as an assistant public defender in Cook County for seven years.  Since 2007, he has worked in private practice with his dad, almost exclusively practicing criminal defense.

    Elliott Smith ’95 majored in Psychology and earned a certificate in Criminal Justice. Over the course of three years (1994-1997) Elliott worked for SPRITE and the Tellurian detox center in Madison and then moved to Colorado, where he was the Director of the Youth Summer Camps Program for Steamboat Springs. In 1998, he changed career paths and now works on the corporate side of the legal world, with jobs focused on corporate compliance and legal research and litigation. Elliott is currently employed by LexisNexis.

  • The year of 1994

    Douglas Buan ’94 worked in the retail industry loss prevention management, as a police officer in the greater Madison area, and as a senior fraud investigator in the payment card industry on all levels of payment card fraud including street level, organized crime, terrorist financing, money laundering. He currently works as a VP for Risk Management in payment card acquiring where he is responsible for overall risk for a merchant credit card processing portfolio.  Douglas is considering a return to school for information systems cyber security.

    Tom Gubbin ’94 graduated with bachelor’s in sociology, Behavioral Science & Law, and a criminal justice certificate.  After running a small business in Downtown Madison (Discount Den), he joined the Wisconsin Department of Corrections as a Probation/Parole agent in 2000, specializing in high risk/assaultive parolees in Milwaukee.  Tom transferred to Madison to specialize in neighborhood supervision and Day Report Center Treatment Program and was promoted in 2005 to Corrections Field Supervisor in Janesville, where he still works and lives.  He has specialized in Sex Offender Supervision and work extensively with Criminal Justice and Community Stakeholders in Rock County to further the mission of protecting the public and promoting positive change in offenders.  They are currently developing a Rock County OWI Court to begin in 2012.

    Jerry Jansen ’94 finished his degree at age 47 followed by completion of his Masters in Social Work (‘95). Throughout his education, Jerry managed to work full-time at the Dane County Juvenile Court (1972-2002) in the Home Detention Program and half-time as a Lieutenant for the Shorewood Hills Police Department. Later, Jerry was named Chief of Police at Shorewood Hills and served in the position for the last eight of his 25 years with the department, retiring in 2004. Two weeks after retirement Jerry was recruited by the University of Wisconsin Police Department, serving as Captain in their Planning & Development Division. He was promoted to Assistant Chief, retiring in 2007. For the past four years, Jerry has been a part-time Criminal Justice Consultant with the Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance.

  • The year of 1993

    Lisa Wallis Barry ’93 was a Behavioral Science & Law major and received her certificate in Paralegal Studies from Roosevelt University. She then worked for 10 years as a paralegal in Chicago at the law firms of Jenner & Block and Winston & Strawn. Lisa ended her paralegal career in 2003 as a paralegal for in-house counsel at the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen. She then became a stay at home mom for 10 years. This past February, 2013, Lisa returned to work at The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum in Springfield, IL, working with guest services, event planning, and marketing.

  • The year of 1992

    Brian Dorow ’92 is an Associate Dean of Criminal Justice at Waukesha County Technical College with the Center for Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, and Counter Terrorism programs. Brian majored in Sociology and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate. He remains connected to the program as a mentor to current students.

    Tracey Freeman ’92 is a school psychologist near San Diego California.  She attended Northern Illinois University for a Master of Arts Degree.

    Janet Moore ’92 worked as a Paralegal for the Colorado State Public Defender Office in Denver for eight years prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom. She majored in Behavioral Science and Law and Political Science.

  • The year of 1991

    Mark Hastings ’91 earned a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice (1995).  He then completed a Master’s (2001) and PhD (2005) in Clinical Psychology at George Mason University.  Mark is currently a licensed clinical psychologist in Virginia and Maryland and works full-time as a Court Psychologist for the Loudoun County Court system, where he conducts all types of forensic psychological evaluations for the courts.  He has a part-time appointment as a Research Assistant Professor at George Mason, where he teaches and supervises students. Mark’s current research is a ten-year recidivism study involving a local urban jail.  Lastly, Mark has a private practice, Forensic Evaluation & Treatment Services, where he specializes in conducting Sexually Violent Predator evaluations for the Commonwealth Of Virginia and Sexually Dangerous Person evaluations at the federal level.  Mark has published several journal articles, a book chapter, and presented research at several national association meetings.

    Carolyn Lesch ’91 majored in Psychology and Social Work and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate. She received her Master’s in Social Work (’92). Since 2003 she has served as Academic Advisor and administrator for the Criminal Justice Certificate Program. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and therapist and is a Senior Preceptor in the UW-Madison School of Social Work.

    Kelly Maly ’91 majored in Political Science and completed the Criminal Justice Certificate. She has pursued a career in real estate.

    Victor Wahl ’91 was hired by the Madison Police Department immediately following graduation. He is presently a Captain, serving in the Executive Section.  In his current position, Vic oversees the MPD K9 and Mounted Patrol units, as well as citywide patrol & detective operations.  Vic is also the MPD SWAT commander.   He attended UW Law School part-time, and he received his JD in 1998. Vic has served as a speed mentor for our program.

  • The year of 1989

    Bart Chapek ‘89 graduated with a BS in Rural Sociology, Certificate in Criminal Justice, and the Army ROTC Program. To get his foot in the door for a federal law enforcement position, Bart got a job with the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Oxford, Wisconsin. He worked there for a year before moving to the federal prison in Tallahassee, Florida, as a Correctional Treatment Specialist. He was also a member of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) and was involved in several riots during the unrest during the late 90’s in the Federal prison system. He later transferred to Pennsylvania where he worked as a Case Management Coordinator and Unit Manager. Bart was then promoted to Special Agent, Washington, D.C., where he investigated crimes at federal prisons in the Eastern portion of the country. Bart now owns an assisted living and adult family home business in his hometown of Cadott, Wisconsin. He is a Trustee on the Village Board and is a board member of the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC).

  • The year of 1988

    Lauren Bolfango [Silverman] ’88 received her JD from UC Hastings College of the Law (1991).  After working with the Berkeley City Attorney’s Office, McTernan, Stender & Walsh in San Francisco, and Law Offices of Eugene L. Bass in Redwood City, California, she became a partner in Nicholsen, Fritz & McKown, LLP. In February 2001, she opened Bolfango & McKown, LLP, which just celebrated its tenth year.  It is a general civil litigation firm specializing in contract disputes, construction and real estate matters. Lauren majored in Behavioral Science and Law.

  • The year of 1987

    Catherine Green ’87 works as a juvenile probation officer in Cook County, Illinois. She has been employed there for the last 22 years.

  • The year of 1986

    Susan Sumberg Beldon ’86 was employed at a Juvenile Justice clearinghouse after graduating with majors in Psychology and Sociology and a Certificate in Criminal Justice.  Susan married and relocated to Texas, where she was employed as a Probation Officer for nine years.

    Carrie Glaeden ’86 received her Criminal Justice Certificate and while majoring in Psychology and Sociology. She went on to receive her JD from Ohio State University College of Law (1989). Carrie served as an Assistant City Prosecutor for the City of Columbus, Chief Legal Counsel for the Ohio Department of Liquor Control, Chief of Crime Victim Services Section of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, and a Legal Counsel to the Ohio Governor. She is now serving in her eighth year as a Judge on the Franklin County Municipal Court (Ohio). She presides over misdemeanor criminal and traffic offenses and civil cases.

    Gregg Romaine ’86 graduated from UW- Madison in 1986 with a degree in Behavioral Science and Law. He received his JD from Rutgers Law School in 1990. Gregg has been practicing environmental law for the last twenty two years in the State of Indiana. He started working in the Large Firms for a few years then went to serve as an Attorney for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. After a five year stint with the Government Gregg started an environmental consulting company which he sold and then transitioned back into the practice of law as a sole practitioner representing people impacted by environmental contamination.

    Laurie Schlag ‘86 graduated from the UW-Madison with a B.A. Degree in Behavioral Science and Law. While attending the UW-Madison, Laurie worked as a Volunteer Probation Officer and wrote her Senior Thesis on the merits of this program. In 1987 she started as a Police Officer recruit with the Atlanta Police Dept. Laurie was hired as a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration in December of 1987 and assigned to the DEA Atlanta Field Division. Special Agent Schlag served in the Atlanta Field Division for 14 years and was then selected as the Assistant Country Attache for the DEA Buenos Aires Country Office where she served for almost 6 years. Special Agent Schlag then became a Supervisory Special Agent in the Chicago Field Division where she was in charge of the Financial Investigations Team. She was subsequently selected to be the Country Attache in charge of the DEA Rome Country Office in December of 2011, where she is currently in charge of DEA operations for Italy and the Balkans. Country Attache Schlag lives in Rome, Italy, has been a Special Agent for 27 years, and is considered a subject matter expert in Financial Investigations that Attack the Financial Infrastructure of Narcotics Trafficking Organizations.

  • The year of 1985

    Wendy Bear ’85 majored in Behavioral Science and Law and obtained her Criminal Justice Certificate planning on a career in Law Enforcement. She is a Sergeant with the San Francisco Police Department working in the Special Victims Unit (SVU).  She completes Sexual Assault, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence investigations and has become a “Subject Matter Expert” in Domestic Violence. Working in such a large and diverse Police Department has been an incredibly fulfilling experience and afforded her innumerable opportunities to enhance her career and help a very unique and challenging Community.

  • The year of 1984

    Sheri Polster Chappell ’84 majored in Psychology and obtained her criminal justice certificate. During college, she served as an intern for the Public Defenders Office in Madison. she went on to receive her JD from Nova Law Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL (1987). Chappell served as an assistant state attorney from 1987 to 2003 at which time she was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush to serve as a Lee County Court Judge in the Twentieth Judicial Circuit of Florida. In 2003, Chappell was named as a United States Magistrate Judge for the Middle District of Florida.

  • The year of 1983

    Vicki Handler ’83 double majored in Behavioral Science and Law and Sociology, and she earned a Criminal Justice Certificate.  Vicki ultimately obtained a Paralegal degree in Chicago and then her JD in Minneapolis.  She now works at a large downtown Minneapolis law firm practicing civil litigation.  Vicki is a Guardian ad Litem and has worked on a high school mentoring program.

  • The year of 1982

    Barb Bochert Nicol’82 completed her Behavioral Science and Law major and returned to her hometown of Minneapolis, where she founded Barbara Nicol Public Relations in 1990. She provides a wide range of communications and marketing services to school districts and other education-related organizations. She also received her Master of Public Affairs in Non-Profit Management and Education Policy from the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey Institute (2002).

  • The year of 1980

    Dan Krymkowski ’80 graduated with a B.S. in Behavioral Science & Law and followed this with M.S and Ph.D. degrees in sociology, also from UW-Madison.  Since 1991 he has been working at the University of Vermont, where he is Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences.  His recent publications (in the journals Research on Social Stratification and MobilityThe Sociological Quarterly, and The International Journal of Sociology) focus on changing occupational differences between men and women and between whites and racial/ethnic minorities.  Dan also studies visitors to National Parks and has recently published articles on this work in Leisure Sciences and The International Journal of Sociology.  In addition to continuing this research, he is working on a book for a general audience that discusses what he views as the two central issues that have plagued the United States since its founding, and which continue to do so today: class and race.

  • The year of 1979

    Sally Buchholz ’79 completed majors in Behavioral Science and Law and Social Work. She is a vice president and officer of Saia, Inc., a large public trucking company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. She is responsible for marketing, communications, public relations, crisis communications, pricing, inside sales, and customer service.  Sally’s volunteer work includes reading books for people who are blind and serving as a mentor to the center’s students.

  • No year specified

    Simon Chudnow is a Court Clerk Paralegal at a Personal Injury Law Firm in downtown Chicago. In short, his job consists of going to the Cook Co. Court every day to stamp and file documents, set Motions, enter Orders, and miscellaneous tasks as needed such as speaking to judges and court clerks. Back at the office, Simon is in charge of client correspondence, contacting insurance adjustors and speaking with other attorneys regrading cases, and drafting many different court documents to keep the court cases moving along.