The Center for Law, Society, and Justice is the institutional home of the Legal Studies Program and the Criminal Justice Certificate Program.

The faculty of the Center for Law, Society and Justice come from a wide variety of disciplines. Many faculty have a primary affiliation with a tenure granting unit such as Law, History, Political Science, or Sociology.

The Core Faculty teach a combination of disciplinary courses with a law focus and courses specifically designed to be interdisciplinary. Their teaching includes the gateway courses in the Legal Studies curriculum (Legal Studies 131 and 217) and the Legal Studies core perspectives courses. Core Faculty members participate in curricular design and course development activities, set policies for students in the Center programs, and provide guidance to academic staff.

In addition to the Core Faculty, a number of Affiliated Faculty teach a variety of disciplinary courses that have a law or legal institution focus.

Core and Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Dustin Brown

Legal Research & Writing Lecturer, Law

Michael Caldwell

Senior Lecturer, Psychology and Senior Staff Psychologist

Pajarita Charles

Assistant Professor, Social Work

Patricia Coffey

Faculty Associate, Psychology

Joseph Conti

Associate Professor, Sociology

Martine Delannay

Program Administrator, CLSJ

Anuj Desai

Voss Bascom Professor of Law

John Eason

Associate Professor, Sociology

Howard S. Erlanger

Emeritus Professor, Law and Sociology

Ralph Grunewald

Assistant Professor, English

Kathryn Hendley

William Voss-Bascom Professor of Law and Political Science

Kiara Hibler

Senior Instructional Specialist, CLSJ

Richard Keyser

Senior Lecturer, CLSJ

Carolyn Lesch

Program Administrator, CLSJ, Emeritus

Michael Light

Associate Professor, Sociology

Josh Mayers

Senior Instructional Specialist, CLSJ

Ion Meyn

Assistant Professor, Law

Jordan Rosenblum

Professor, Center for Jewish Studies and Religious Studies

Alan Rubel

CLSJ Director, Associate Professor, iSchool

Jonathan Scharrer

Clinical Assistant Professor, Law

Mitra Sharafi

Associate Professor, Law