Michael Light

Position title: Associate Professor, Sociology

Email: mlight@ssc.wisc.edu

Michael Light is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Chicano and Latino Studies. His teaching and research interests largely focus on the legal and criminological consequences of international migration, and the relationship between racial/ethnic stratification and crime. Current projects in these areas examine the punishment of non-U.S. citizens before and after 9/11 as well as the relationship between undocumented immigration and violent crime. Recent publications include “Citizenship and Punishment: The Salience of National Membership in U.S. Criminal Courts” (American Sociological Review); “Explaining the Gaps in White, Black and Hispanic Violence since 1990: Accounting for Immigration, Incarceration, and Inequality” (American Sociological Review); Re-examining the Relationship between Latino Immigration and Racial/Ethnic Violence” (Social Science Research); and “Undocumented Immigration, Drug Problems, and Driving under the influence (DUI), 1990-2014” (American Journal of Public Health).