Faith Kim

2020 recipient of the Audrey J. Harris Summer Internship Award

Interned with the WI Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Litigation


My summer internship at the Department of Justice was definitely one of the greatest experiences I could have ever asked for during my time in the Criminal Justice program. My time at the DOJ’s Criminal Litigation Unit was fulfilling, to say the very least. I worked closely with state prosecutors on a number of different projects – sometimes I would be asked to do research on a defendant and other times I was asked to file relevant case documents to our shared database. My favorite project was researching third- and fourth-degree sexual assault laws in different states and helping an attorney draft legislation related to crimes against children. For me, it was interesting to learn just how much legislation can vary in their definitions of sexual assault. Some states have way more comprehensive sexual assault laws than others.

I am going into my senior year of undergrad and I plan on applying to law school shortly after graduating. It’s super daunting to think about but I’m looking forward to it!