Caroline Mancl

2021 recipient of the Audrey J. Harris Summer Internship Award

Interned with US Probation and Pre-Trial Services

My internship at US Probation and Pretrial Services was one of the best opportunities I have received in college. I loved being immersed in the federal government while still being in Wisconsin. I was kept busy with important tasks, but there was nothing I wanted to work harder for.

Shadowing the US Probation and Pretrial Officers was the most valuable part of the internship. I was able to see their role in court hearings, their relationship with the federal judges, and how they interact with clients during home visits all around the Western District of Wisconsin.

The role of US Probation and Pretrial Officers is multifaceted, and so the internship was as well. The work I had to do–such as drafting court documents–showed me that they take interns seriously, so I felt valued and needed. It gave me the right level of responsibility to grow without feeling overwhelmed. By the end of the internship I felt that I had significantly advanced both my personal and professional life.