Randee Mervin

2021 recipient of the Audrey J. Harris Summer Internship Award

Interned with the Department of Justice, Criminal Appeals Unit

Thank you so much for the scholarship that helped me this summer make ends meet financially so that my internship at the Department of Justice could be possible.

I learned so much within the Criminal Appeals Unit. I am really appreciative of the fact that I was able to spend the summer here in Madison and obtain an invaluable learning experience from the Department of Justice. I learned so much more about the appeals process and how the Department of Justice as the chief prosecutor of the state handles those cases.

My internship responsibilities were to help assist with cite checking legal briefs, work with Department of Justice databases, and provide additional administrative help around the office. I learned about transcripts in the circuit court why their accuracy is extremely important. I learned how evidence is used in court, I learned how to cite check cases, statues, jury instructions, and records. And I learned of the technicalities of legal citations. I learned about the court process from the circuit court to the Supreme Court, and the processes and documents and petitions needed to get those cases higher up within the court system.

I think that I can perform this type of job better in the future after I have graduated law school and have more knowledge of the legal system in general. I would recommend this type of internship to anyone that is interested in the court systems and trial. Finally, I am excited about my next endeavour of going into law school and this is just the next step on my journey. Thank you.