Makayla Petersdorff

2021 recipient of the Audrey J. Harris Summer Internship Award

Interned with Mendota Mental Health Institute

I am incredibly grateful that I was able to attend and complete my internship in person at Mendota Mental Health Institute this summer! I worked closely with a graduate intern (in his last year of graduate school – will receive his PsyD in August 2021) in the juvenile unit where I viewed various psychological testing and attended treatment plan review meetings. Additionally, I observed therapy sessions, tutored the youth one-on-one, and helped supervise work therapy with some of the youth. I also spent a decent amount of time reviewing patient files/records for a research project looking at how race/ethnicity impacts the length of stay and/or number of admissions for patients at Mendota Mental Health Institute. Overall, I learned a lot about the intersection of mental health and the legal system. 

This internship experience solidified my desire to go to graduate school for Clinical Psychology with a forensic focus and provided me with great experience within my desired field! I am going into my last year of undergraduate work and am looking forward to taking more classes focusing on juveniles within the legal system!