Holly Ryan

Holly Ryan

2013 recipient of the Audrey J. Harris Summer Internship Award


Interned at the Dane County Juvenile Reception Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

Majors: Legal Studies & Sociology with a certificate in Criminal Justice

Goals: I plan to pursue a Law Degree and specialize in Juvenile Justice and Defense.

This summer I worked closely with Juvenile Court Counselors at the JRC who do intake work for juveniles who have been apprehended by law enforcement. They make custody decisions about where a juvenile will reside while awaiting their trial. I also got the opportunity to go to court and sit in on custody hearings, pre-trial conferences, change of placement hearings, and custody review hearings. I have also learned how to conduct my own intakes, and how to speak for the JRC in court.

This internship has given me a broad view of the Juvenile Court system and how all of the key players work together within it. It has also given me the experience and opportunity to learn that my interests truly do lie in the legal field, and particularly in the Juvenile Justice sector. It has been extremely rewarding and enlightening and I am very honored to have received this award. It has helped relieve the financial burden and allowed me to fully immerse myself into my internship at the Dane County Juvenile Reception Center.