Alina Taylor

2022 recipient of the Audrey J. Harris Summer Internship Award


Interned with the Appellate Division of the Public Defender’s Office

Interning at the Appellate Division of the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Office has been a deeply valuable and rewarding experience. As an undergrad planning on attending law school, this experience has solidified my confidence in pursuing my goal of working in defense. Getting to work with attorneys, helping organize and research case information, and getting to observe hearings and trials at courthouses in multiple counties have given me a new perspective and insight into what it’s like working in this field. Learning about the appellate process first-hand has given me a deeper understanding of the importance of the tasks that attorneys do every day. It has been an honor to learn from enthusiastic lawyers and other interns who are driven by passions similar to mine.

I am grateful to have been a recipient of the Audrey J. Harris Award and for the Harris family’s graciousness and generosity.