Meet our mentors! Underclassmen who join our program will normally be paired with one of our undergraduate mentors. However, upperclassmen or undergrads who have questions about internships, grad school paths, etc. can get paired with an alumnus or graduate mentor (not listed here).

Undergraduate Mentors

Ellie Donaldson

Credentials: Spanish, BSW, Criminal Justice

Position title: Senior

Jessica Gomez

Credentials: Textile & Fashion Design, Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, Chican@/Latin@ Studies, Gender and Women's Studies

Position title: 5th Year Senior

Regan Hawkins

Credentials: Legal Studies, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Chican@/Latin@ Studies

Position title: Senior

Emily Kehl

Credentials: Psychology, Criminal Justice, Legal Studies

Position title: Senior

Erin Kennon

Credentials: Spanish, Legal Studies, Gender & Women Studies, Public Policy

Position title: Junior

Lauren Mertz

Credentials: Psychology, Criminal Justice

Position title: Senior

Saron Setotaw

Credentials: Social Welfare, Criminal Justice

Position title: Senior

Nadya Siddique

Credentials: Legal Studies, Philosophy, Studio Art

Position title: Junior

Jeremy Werner

Credentials: Sociology, Legal Studies, Criminal Justice

Position title: Senior