Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education 630

This internship is offered through the School of Education within the Department of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education for students within the School of Education. The course provides an experience in a rehabilitation-oriented agency or program under the supervision of a rehabilitation professional. It is designed to give students an introduction to professional practice in rehabilitation and to develop skills through supervised clinical activities. Integrative seminars are typically held on campus once a week. The total number of hours in placement determine the number of credits awarded. Criminal justice students must enroll for at least 3 credits and secure placement in a programs providing rehabilitation, education, or vocational services to a criminal or delinquent population. Examples of past placements include, Dane County Juvenile Shelter, Juvenile Detention, Oakhill Prison, and the Department of Community Corrections.

Students work with faculty and staff within Rehab Psych & Special Education in order to secure a placement. In order to obtain credit for the CJCP, students must submit a short descriptive email to the CJCP advisors indicating where they were placed and the content of the criminal justice related experience.

Please note: credits earned from this course do not count for Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) credits in the College of Letters & Science.

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