Human Development and Family Studies 601 Internship

This internship experience provides juniors and seniors in the School of Human Ecology an opportunity to explore areas of interest in a deeper context via internship. Through partnership with local agencies, students gain skills and experience while contributing to the community. Examples of past placements include Dane County Juvenile Court programs, Neighborhood Intervention Program, Dane County Focus Program, Domestic Abuse Intervention Program, and Court Appointed Special Advocates. HDFS 601 is a variable credit course, offered Fall, Spring, & Summer semesters. CJCP students must enroll for at least three credits.

Interested students work with HDFS advisors and staff in securing an appropriate internship. In order to obtain credit for the CJCP, students must submit a short descriptive email to the CJCP advisors indicating where they were placed and the content of the criminal justice related experience.

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